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#204889 - Jackson completed writing something in a notebook before even acknowledging his presence!!! “And you must be Joshua Crandle,” the fifty year old man said softly, “I’ve heard so many nice things about you, and I must say, from what I can see from here those reports were more than accurate!!! Nervously shifting his weight from one leg to the other, Josh still hadn’t a clue what this meeting was all about, but like a lightning strike in a rain storm, Mr. Jackson got to his feet, he sat down unsteadily onto the edge of her desk, and with a little line of drool running out from the corner of his mouth, slid off his pants and shorts and guided Josh’s still hard cock directly into his tight hairy asshole!!! A long low moan from deep inside of his throat gurgled softly from his lips as Josh’s thick member slowly penetrated his most intimate of spots!!! “G-good fucking god you’re huge,” he stammered as inch after inch of thick cock flesh slowly disappeared inside of his needy rectum, “y-you’re

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