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#182412 - So I called my friend Joe to see If he could hang out with me for a while and he said sorry cant tonight, well sis I ended up In her room playing dolls and house, when suggested we play doctor and patient, she said I’ll be the patient and you got to be the doctor, I have done this before with my big sister and her friend allot they were the doctors and I was the guinea pig toy as I put it, so I told her to lay down on her back and I would check her vitals so first I listened to her heart and made her cough and even acted like I was looking in her ears, she just loved all this and I was having fun too, as I was checking her for any and every ailment known to man, she decided she would get undressed so I can check everything as she would say, wow she was small compared to mom she had no tits and no hair on her pussy, well I started felling and pushing on her belly and she said check my pee pee and giggles, well I said to her I’m not sure just how to check out a pee pee so all I could thi

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Hakase fuyuki
You are so hot and sexy one of the best i hope you do more solo hentais their my favourites personally
Klan klan
Imagine actually being the son or daughter to coco vandi just walking in on accident straight up here we go again