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#29151 - I didn’t know what to say, I couldn’t ask for her daughter so I made up some bullshit about a leak in the building and asked if I could check in the place for a valve or some shit. Which she did rather reluctantly while I watched, jerking myself off.

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Listen here ulfric and i ll tell you why you re a fool the empire is skyrim s best chance at freedom once again the thalmor are the ones who stole talos from the nords and the empire ant by staging a rebellion you re ruining skyrim s best chance for freedom from the thalmor if skyrim breaks from the empire and the thalmor strike again the empire will be too weak to protect you at this stage by working with the empire you can rid us of the thalmor once and for all
Wow that was a great unboxing
Dixie clemets
That was so sexy