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#154156 - Holden Knight was attempting to be quiet so as not to wake up his wife as he undressed getting ready for bed. Being over twenty years her senior had never gotten in the way of their happiness, and in some ways it even enhanced their love life! The shear excitement of being with a younger woman was still a rush, and Holden never tired of seeing his bride of ten years removing her clothing, even if it was just to see her get into the bath tub!!! He still couldn't believe that such a beautiful creature had given him the time of day, but here she was, a woman who could have easily posed for Playboy magazine, in his bed and there for the taking!!! Not wishing to wake her up, he slid silen?tly into bed and in minutes joined her dreamland. Ya know how much I love Holden, and I wouldn't do anything in the world to hurt him, she continued, but I gotta tell ya, Sal, that for the past three weeks I've been having an affair! Sally sat stunned, hardly able to speak, because Mir

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