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#64133 - Carol was shocked, saying how such a new anal slut could take so much, I said the poppers have helped her a lot, without them she would probably still be a anal virgin, with that Carol asked if she could try it. I did say Sue wasnt expecting me to be fucked by a dog tonight though as she didn't know we had one here. I waited as long as I could, but my cock wanted Pauline's pussy and butt, so I set about opening her up for the day, I used my cock and the big vibe first up, both holes getting a good fucking, I love swapping from one to another, feeling the different textures of each on my cock, also now I love going from her butt to her mouth, she used to gag a bit, but now she knows its good fun and enjoys taking me that way.

Read Toying Giroutei "Ho" no Maki - Street fighter Fingers Giroutei "Ho" no Maki

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Seto kaiba
Wow soooooo hot
Misaki yata
Very risky aha