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#67232 - Her hole was warm and sticky from some of the spunk l had filled her with the night before, l was pumping my cock in and out and when Karan told me ‘mmm that’s nice’ l just began filling her with a great load of creamy hot cum fresh from my balls while sucking those wonderful tits, her nipples were small but l got them hard. Julie paid particular attention to the top of my legs sliding a hand up the leg of my shorts then into the waistband and seductively whispered for me to lay on my side facing her. So, positioned my head between Karan’s legs to start tongue fucking her while finger fucking Steph then told Steph to lay on her back spread her legs because l was going to use the vibrator in and out their sweet soft smooth pussy’s as l wanted to know how much of the vibrator Karan could take because she was going to get my cock.

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