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#319655 - The only reason I know that is because he lives a couple of blocks from me and I see him jogging often. “Dude I am so sorry that happened to you out there” “It’s okay, shit happens” “You aren’t mad” “How can I be? I mean Im upset that Im not gonna be able to play anymore but I cant really change that” “well I guess if you put it that way… Uhm, I promise Ill be careful but I need to get you out of the gear and into your clothes before your mom gets here” “Yeah I know, thanks for helping me, and thanks for all your work, you bust your ass for us and no one ever thanks you” “No one has ever thanked me beyond coach miller before. I motioned him to sit down and I kept going.

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Arche eeb rile furt
That s awkward
Natsuki usami
Great job guys