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#24951 - It looked good as I help Joy hold her ass open for his monster cock to enter her, Steve holding his head and feeding him the mares scent got him really horny, his cock now fully home began to pound her senseless, I gave her lots of poppers to help relax her anus, her orgasm now making her groan out louder than last night. When Joy was pulled limp from the frame it was my turn, I had missed out a fair big tonight, and wanted to make up for it, so two dog and three horses soon had my ass gapping open and my orgasm reduced me to a whimpering mess. Another round of cheers as we lifted Jan from the fame, who was quickly replaced by Joy, her ass took a dog then the big Black stallion, she took him right in, the guys loved seeing her ass stretch open to take his big monster cock, then cheered again as his cum filled her ass and covered her back and hair.

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Misuzu kamio
Nice ass baby