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#147797 - I had realized he parents still wernt there i asked her who is driving her home she said her mom sometimes works late on fridays and her dad had passed away 10 years ago. She cleared her throught and said is it going to rain because you have an umbrela I was just lost in thought with what she said and i realized it was just making it harder Im sorry i just lost my girl friend last weekit was a lie but better than saying i have a date tonightand you are the first girl to talk to me about romantic stuff She looked me in the eyes well if it matters at all i do have felling for you at this point my cock was hard enough to chisel marble. i looked at her you know you are a great girl but it will never happen you know how our masters is towards relationshps of 2 students Well he will never have to know she said before i could even say another word at this point we have arrived at her house but her mother wasnt there whitch wasnt usual for her i offered to help her she acce

Read 3way Daisuki! Goshujin-sama | I Love Master! Suckingdick Daisuki! Goshujin-sama | I Love Master!

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