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#387143 - ” My baby and I are careful at the gym though last week while I was on the treadmill, and looked toward her office…filled with three young guys…she met my gaze with a wink that made me smile. On one side it said “You’re Sugar Baby Material”…and on the other just the website address. We showered together after…She was sensual and affectionate but seemed to understand that I was spent.

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Ryuunosuke tanaka
Guys the redstone changes to 1 16 are kinda nuts
Shirley fennes
You make me want to fuck like no other
Prince diamond
I feel like every day i wake up life gets more predictable my ex was the change i so desperately needed in my life i did and still would do anything and everything for her but she just wanted to hook up but to me it was more than sex it was something special i guess she didn t feel the same way