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#382110 - We did end up finishing sex about 2am I had shaved Steve the day before we went which was quite difficult as holding his cock and shaving him got him hard and then we had to try and get the cock ring back on. Mike slipped my knickers off and held them in his hand and gave them a bit of a sniff I was still holding Mike's cock and his hand went between my legs and started to stroke my shaven haven Then Pam took my panties from Steve and placed them over Mike's face with the crotch right over his nose and Said Now smell your bride Mike just stood there smelling me and his fingers were exploring me Pam Said Now it is time to exchange bodily fluids She then instructed me to Kneel down and for Steve to position my head so I had to take Mikes cock in my mouth. She asked us not to have sex from midnight on Thursday and for Steve not to masturbate himself from that time either.

Read Footjob 【周一连载】业绩女王(作者:洗髮精&耀安) 第1~23话 Ride 【周一连载】业绩女王(作者:洗髮精&耀安) 第1~23话

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Nagahide niwa
When it cut to her sucking dick i burst out laughing
Kyoko toshinou
Das ist aber auch ein verdammt geiler arsch und ein richtig geiler schwanz sollte man auch erw hnen