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#141314 - Sir to see Natalie you will have to pay $1,000 for half an hour Is no problem, I have ze money Just then a gorgeous brunette in a black evening gown comes down the stairs and the guy looks at her Natalie? Yes? I want to spend a little time with you She smirks at the man's apearance It will cost you $1,000 The guy takes out a roll of cash and hands it to her, they go upstairs, do the dirty and he leaves half an hour later. The next day the guy is back, he knocks, the madame opens and is quite surprised that the guy is back I wanna see Natalie Well it's still $1,000 No problem, I have ze money He shows her the money, he goes upstairs, hand the money to Natalie, spend half an hour poking her clam and leaves So it continues for three more days, after the fifth day Natalie turns to him while he's dressing and says You know it's the first time that somebody came back so many times, where are you from? I am

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Lady justice
Lora can you pound him so hard next time i want to hear him lose it and beg you to slow down make him a bitch lol
Zidane tribal
Nice ride