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#73077 - I couldn’t wait to get him home and on my return to the table was a bit surprised that John was sitting alone, he told me that Alex and Steven were outside flagging down a taxi and that it would be foolish not to take advantage of having an extra body to join us. Of course I said yes, and as the they knocked on the door ten minutes later I was lying on my back with Stevens big dick pounding deep inside my pussy John answered the door naked and both Alex and Daniel came into the bedroom as John changed the tape in the camera and came over to the bed by which time I had told Daniel to remove his clothes and couldn’t believe the size of his manhood and was just able to get my mouth round the top of his cock as I felt his massive swollen balls I wanted him inside me, my heart pounding with nerves and anticipation as Steven pulled out and Daniel took me from the side as soon as John moved towards me I knew I was going to cum the second his hot wet lips started sucking my pussy I came and f

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