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#80483 - me being me had been packed for a few day. i let harvey sleep i got my passport and ticket ready and i did the same for harvey. being up this early (2am) i had chance to check my luggage and i had everything packed even the treat i had instore for harvey, it got to 4am and the alarm i had set the day before was going off i turned it off and woke harvey up he sat up still half asleep i hugged him and said babe you need to get ready okay babe im going to take a shower i said okay babe leave the water running because im going to get a shower after you harvey gave me his horny look and i said no we dont have time for that mr harvey looked dissapointed and i melted to harvey again and said okay we got 20 minutes harvey lead me to the shower and took my boxer shorts off we he got my dick and put it in his mouth.

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