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#85424 - i did as i was told but claire and here side of the family had blanked me for the rest of the night at the end of the night i had had two glasses of wine so i asked harvey to drive me home. as i walked into harveys rooom he sat on his bed with his head facing the floor. when i was leaving the family part from claires side said it was a pleasure meeting me they hope i could come round again i responded by saying thank you all for inviting me im sorry i if i was a little to out spoken harveys mom said not at all leonardo i spoke and said my friends call me leon so please feel free to to call me it claire got up and said that i was a total disgrace this everning but harveys mom must have liked me more than what i thought she did because she told claire to leave and never to devaule her son ever again when harvey drove me home outside my gates i said goodnight to him and i kissed him as i was getting out he took my hand and said leon thank you so much for tonight i said its not a

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