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#10179 - As I said Jackie is not one to beat around the bush about one damn thing and had already been keenly attuned to Staci's actions and such around Shadow when alone. When Jackie was watching her and knew now was the time to get this underway. Now Jackie just kneelingly walked over back beside Staci right at her hips and yet a foot or so from them and leaned right over and grabbed each of Staci's ass cheeks as Staci said whhhaattt arrreee UU dddoing and now shaking even more as Jackie just looked her drooping back and told Staci she was going to hold her open and help Shadow get at her pussy as Staci shook all over feverently now her head moving about and looking back as best she could to see exactly what Jackie was doing with her ass as Shadow pranced about and moved himself back behind and right in place between her outspread legs and sat right at her ass and pussy poised before him.

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