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#42063 - Catherine then realizes she has made a terrible mistake! The black brother she has bitten is incensed with pain as he tells his buddies to take her into the dungeon and put her on the hanging torture hammock! Catherine is really scared now, and with all her might and renewed energy pulls and twists desperately trying to free herself! She is able to loosen the grip on one of her ankles and kick at her assailant but this does' little and relief is only for a brief moment. ! If Kate could have seen the glowing torches in the darkened half light of the hallway as they entered this place she would have been scared half to death! Part of the deal I have made with this black brother in return for him to sexually use and abuse Kate. Kate has a narrow waist with hips that flair out perfectly into long well shaped legs and a soft round ass to die for, one that just begs to be paddled! Her skin is a firm tight smooth snow white that has not seen the sun lately.

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Miyako shirakawa
Love this hentai this babe can suck
Really thank you