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#62610 - I remember my first trip to Nashville ,music city in the early 80s was a wild place I was walking the streets just trying to see what kind of trouble I could get into. there was this one side street that had a huge sign ADULT WORLD so having nothing better to do I went in the place had a strange smell I had never experienced before inside was a counter where sat a dude who eyed me and told me i could get quartes for the peeps from him i got 2 rolls and walked through the place most of the booths had 8mm projectors set up on 3 of the 4 walls you fed a slide gadget like at a laundromat and presto the film showed up on one of the walls i watched a few in different booths some were hot some were sick like the one with the 2 girls sucking off a horse and another of a girl jacking off a dog but most of them were just straight sex standard sucking n fucking.

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Nice asshole crevice something about them dark creases down the crack of an ass
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