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#161452 - I wish I could stay here with Master or at least get someone who is nice although Master can be mean sometimes like the first time he forced his dick into my mouth I was choking but he taught me how to deep throat a dick or when he forced me to eat Penny’s pussy although I can’t get up for women I learned how to please a woman although I hope my new Master is not into women. She smiles and tells me that dinner will be an in hour I thank her for getting Daisy’s room ready and she told that Sonya did it herself. Jessie- I can’t believe I have been here for a month.

Read Closeup Shibata-san and the Taunki Doggy Shibata-san and the Taunki

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Yukihana lamy
I already knew how wonderful cali is but great to discover the gorgeous chloe too
This guy need to play whit the biggest bimbos that will give him resistance try next one vs danielle derek