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#88206 - Then Prince jumped up, pinning me doggy this time, his cock pushing against my legs as he began to try fucking me, only this time I was in for a shock, his cock found my hole, but the wrong one, as my butt took in the first 4 or 5 inches I jumped, but he was in and going hard, oh boy, now I knew how Grant felt yesterday, as Prince made me his bitch, no way the knot was going in me though, Jim moved to face fuck me as Mark began to fuck Grants butt once more, I took Jims cock fully, as Prince built up to a very quick speed, his cock now a blur. Grant knew fully what I was feeling, Mark now fucking him hard, watching Prince fuck me, as Prince began to growl, it seemed to set of the guys, Mark exploded into Grants butt, just as Prince let loose in me, his knot held the cum in me, as I swallowed Jims load. I saw Grant going behind me, I knew he would be eating the cum, then the lady joined him, as I looked around, they both kissed and shared Princes and Marks cum,she was also being b

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