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#232073 - My pregnant wife the cum slut I want to tell you how my 22 year old slim redheaded wife Catherin went from being a honest loyal respectable wife into a cum slut after we found out she was pregnant, when we first discovered she was with child it was great news and we wear soon out buying things for the baby to be, it was not long till her belly was swelling up and her boobs wear getting larger but the biggest change was her sexual appetite, we went from making love once or twice a week to fucking every night and some morning to, then when she was about six months pregnant and her belly was looking like a beach ball under her clothes we seemed to be having sex constantly I would get home from work to be greeted by her stark naked and masturbating on the sofa, we would fuck right away and then she would be back to her sex toys till I could get hard again. The only problem with my life at this time was who do I get to help me out with her sexual needs, the answer came in the form of a

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