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#50475 - Squeezing her thighs he thought back to his training, trying to get his mind off of the pleasure, to just focus on the actions… —– “No, it fits, no… No not like that… No! Ah! Just, just hold still for a second, I almost got my finger caught…” Emma whined. “You almost got your finger caught? Oh I feel sooo much sympathy…” He said and drew an ireful look as she fixed the cage around his cock and balls. —– “I don’t understand?” Carter said, glancing across to her with a raised eyebrow as they walked together through the white snow-blanketed park, both of them wrapped up snug in a number of layers, “Is that even possible?” “Mmhm!” Emma replied cheerily, a cardboard cup of coffee in one hand, her other looped around Carter’s arm, holding herself close to him as they walked together, the snow crunching under their boots as they strolled, “I’ve seen it online and stuff, it takes a little but we can totally do it.

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