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#252976 - we just happened to have some towels with up so she could clean up & have a smoke while we stood around feeling the cool breeze blowing on our naked skin. I started to get horny again so I had her pull down her underwear that she had put back on & ride me on the gazebo bench reverse cowgirl style for a while with her bouncing up & down on me it was nice but not quite right so I pulled down my pants & she suggested that I lay down bear arsed on the aluminium bench which I did & she got on top & rode me like a mad woman I kept hitting her cervix (I love doing that but I never last long when I do the sensations are just too much) bottoming out in her it wasn't long before she had us both close to coming again I was first swelling up inside her then blowing my load all over her womb & pussy walls causing her to go over herself we stayed like that for as long as we could, but this time we had no towels so he pulled up her underwear & savoured the second hot cream pie I had given her this n

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