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#117454 - So we are driving you tell me that you and still little sleepy and I tell you to give me the address and I will put it in my phones GPS. Then grab you spin you around and put you up against the wall and run my hands up under your bra and start playing with titties and your nippers getting them hard as a rock, once they are hard I grab your shirt and put it in your mouth and tie it, then spin you back around and start kissing and sucking on your nipples, and when you start digging your nails into my back is stop grab you again and throw you on to the bed. So I grab my bag and head to grab a bit to eat and as I'm heading there you call me and ask where I am and I tell you that I'm in the airport still and you tell me that you over slept and you are in the parking lot and I tell you I will be at this door and you come and pick me up.

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