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#347873 - Jessica learned everything she needed in that one demonstration and passed the written test with flying colors and was now ready at long last to give her best friend the ride she always dreamed of, Ok class those of you who passed the written test claim your practice muffins and take a spit from the spit rack and follow me to the spitting room He said to the 59 guys who passed the test who were now standing a chain leash in one hand and a spit grasped in the other. Once in the spitting room they saw hundreds of tables spread out in what looked like an endless sea of tables, Next to every table was an 8 foot long 4 foot wide pit filled with charkhole and a spit frame on either side, everyone take a table and light your pit then prepare your muffin to take the spit, by the time your muffin is ready the coal in the pit should be just right Spitenmier said watching closely. DAMN IT Stacey screamed when she and Jessica went back to there private room, What’s wrong Stacey? Je

Read Spandex 迷宮で格闘娘の死体を拾ってキョンシーにしてみた話 - Original Fetish 迷宮で格闘娘の死体を拾ってキョンシーにしてみた話

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