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#220333 - Copyright 2019 all rights reserved Candy striper part 2 By Adam That night all i could think about was Dale and Jack’s big cocks that i had sucked the day before Jack’s cock was much bigger than Dale’s cock almost hanging down to his knees, Dale and Keniesha wanted me to visit their house on Saturday so Jack could fuck me like he wanted to at the hospital a few days ago i had a wonderful few hours in bed with Keniesha and Jack had told me she wanted to take me to Victoria’s Secret so i got dressed in a loose skirt and a short top that barely covered my tummy and had breakfast and waited till 10:30am and got mum to drop me off at the mall, after she dropped me off i went to the nearest phone and rang their home and Jack answered the phone ‘hello this is Dale ‘Hi Dale its Jayden Hurst’ ‘Hi Jayden where are you now’ ‘Mum just dropped me at the Mall’ ‘Ok Jack said Keniesha will meet you outside the coffee shop in 10 minutes ok ‘Ok i said i will wait there for her’ I hung up the

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Kouta takeda
Wow that was a lot of cum love your style