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#300191 - That’s it for now hope you liked it might be more to come if I have things my way …. I surprised that my cock was getting hard as I had NEVER even thought about sex with another man EVER! But here I was with a raging aching hard-on, anyway I leaned back and undid my zip and started to wank myself off slowly at first but gently built up a rhythm without even realising it, I was that engrossed in what I was looking at I didn’t even notice the man who had come up to the window and started watching me, the first thing I knew was when he reached in and took hold of my cock I was startled and froze as this man gently took slide his hand up and down my hard 7 inches but bloody hell it felt good better than any hand job I had ever got from a woman he pulled away from the window and opened the door, I quickly turned off the interior light and he knelt down and slowly took my cock into his mouth I had by now lost interest in everything else that was going on around me and was solely concentrat

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