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#120651 - After about 10 minutes of constant deep throating I started to cum, she took her mouth away just before and as my cum was starting to come out she slammed my cock down her throat and kept it there until I was finished. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I heard the shower stop and the sound of the door opening, I turned around and saw her standing there in her towel barely hiding that beautiful ass and pussy, “would you like a drink?” she said seductively, “yes, please” I said while nodding, she bent over revealing the perfectly shaped shaven pussy, I sat down as I felt my penis harden, she came over and handed me a drink and sat on my lap, at this point I had a semi, I could tell by her face that she could feel it, she proceeded to put her drink on the side table and dropped to her knees, she opened up her towel and released her 32D breasts, they were amazing, she then started to open up my belt while kissing up my leg, she then got the tip of my penis, her jaw dropped,

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