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#418632 - I jerked myself with that thought the entire week untill the weekend. ) Next day I asked her best friend what did my sister do last night and she told me everything in detail: They started making out, then he was touching her legs, at first very soft but then very roughly, she liked every second of it, then she started grabing his bulge but quickly he took his penis off so she could grab his hard on in it’s entirely, her friend says that she saw them since she was with other friends close to her, she says he had a big big cock with a big juicy head and that my cutie sister loved stroking it, it was certainly the first time that my sister touched a cock, but, her friend says that she got very expert after a few minutes of handjob, the guy was loving it, I couldn’t believe it but i couldn’t deny how sexy it sounded.

Read Gay Oralsex ネトラレ勇者の行末 サイドストーリー - Original Women Fucking ネトラレ勇者の行末 サイドストーリー

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