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#25475 - I never thought I would ever have a girlfriend but that all changed when I moved to the UK about 5 years ago. After about 5 minutes of me thrusting my cock in and out of her wet pussy I felt my balls tighten and whispered in her ear “Im going to cum” to which Caz replied “Okay, we can cum together” as I began pumping my cock harder in and out of her wet pussy… After about 30 seconds I couldn’t take it anymore and came and collapsed on top of her with my semi-hard cock still inside her, about 10 seconds later I felt her pussy tighten on my rapidly deflating cock and felt her orgasm rip through her body We lay there for about half an hour kissing and cuddling and vowed that we would never split up… Our sex adventures didn’t end, but that is a story for another time If I get good reviews I will write chapter 2. Changing schools is never easy for a children, it was hard to cope… I had a South African accent and it was pretty funny to everyone else, but it also had this

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