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#335386 - Jessica quickly picks up one of the chairs and throws it at the man in front of the microphone yelling NOOOO!!! the man expecting this type of assault quickly ducks and says you dumb bitch I will take real pleasure in prepping you personally and I will make sure it is more painful and take much longer then usual, now get that chair and sit the fuck down!! he yelled, looking up at him Jessica sits on the floor where the chair use to be in defiance. On the table in front of you are livestock application forms you WILL sign them and volunteer your meat to us or we will kill you and take your meat anyway, but for those who wont sign many horrible tortures await you! he said looking around the room at all the tear soaked faces. Get up here and pick up this chair! he yelled again as Jessica slowly stood up and walked over to the stage, up the 3 steps dragging the chains attached to her collar she then picks up the chair that was just a few feet away from the main at the micro

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