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#17380 - Mel looks over at me and cannot help herself she has to ask me more about the film, I can see now that whatever she saw has her going, now I think to my self I could have a bit of fun here and the dirty dog in me would love to dip my toes as were, in to a bit of sexual banter with her to see how far, or where it may takes us. I don’t know about you but I do think that some women look far more sensual in their clothes than without them and looking at Mel’s breasts made me think how nice it would be to slip my hand up inside and get a good feel of her tits. she is coming back up the stairs, she has her bag in her hand, she walks in the bedroom looks at me on the bed with my hard on, crosses her arms in front of her grabs hold of her top and pulls it over her head she lets it drop to the floor.

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