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#73424 - Claire felt like a slut but didn't care, all she wanted now was to have this little cunt for herself! She slipped back down to the sofa and pulled Becky to her so that their chests were mashed together. She then shrugged off her sweater revealing a beautiful lace white bra that gently cupped her bosom! I get so scared when Mick touches them, and I feel so squishy inside, I can feel my nipples get hard and I get so flustered I just stop him! Look, see them now, they're getting hard right just from my own touch! Beneath the lacy under thing Claire could see the outline of rigid nipples showing through the sheer fabric! Involuntarily she reached out to caress the hard nubs, making Becky let out an audible sigh as Claire began to massage her chest through her bra. That was a perfect description for these light pink models of perfection! After cupping both tits in her hands, Claire bent her head down and flicked her tongue over the end of one nipple.

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Sen yarizui
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