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#46895 - Anyway Karleys mum (The 1 outside) fell asleep so me and John brought Karely and here freind Jessica in our tent, Before we move on time 2 talk bout me, Im Aaron, 15, nice blonde hair , blue eyes and a muscluar body, i have my own gym at home. We Pashed a bit more then she said 'Your Turn Sexy Bitch' By now my dick had softend from passing, but she put my hands down my pants unzipped them, then rubbed my dick till it was hard, 'Dam your Huge, Huger Than John's' that shocked me, i never thought my dick was big, just normal 4 my age, we measured it with a ruler she went out and found and i had a 9 and a half inch cock next 2 it i was shocked, then she said 'Jack time', she then grabbed my big cock and moved her hand slowy up and down 'mmm, go fast as baby i lik fast', then she went really really really fast, i lied bak thinking his aint happening, after that she then licked around my cock, it was great me her 2 alseep freinds, then she

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Shiki ichinose
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Honoka ayase
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