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#319606 - Then go inside, gather all that your bandit friends stole and bring it out here The man ordered as the elf disappeared into the sunken keep The man walked over to Arngeirr and helped him up Are you alright? The man asked, to which the man nodded in reply What is your name? Arngeirr, and yours? . He swung his axe at Arngeirr's head, Arngeirr ducked, stabbed up into the Nords chest, then spun around drawing the sword from his chest cutting him nearly in two. He soon caught the scent of a fox and followed it in the direction of Llinatas Deep, as he approach the bank he sighed, he hated swimming, he wasn't bad at swimming per say, just disliked getting wet, unusual though as he didn't mind getting dirty, sweaty or bloody.

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