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#247965 - One time I was tired as hell I had been working for 12 hours, and then there comes this strange call from some one that said that she wants to be ANONYMOUS, from a city that is 130km far from where I live. as she was touching my leg she started to touch me cock she could see that is was turned on and I was burning in my heart for her, she said I am willing to touch you sckin, she put the other hand on my shoulder and tied it very much, I could almost see the steam coming out of her. so we went in HOTEL I told her that can not do anything but I have jut come to talk to her, but my heart started to tell me man go for it she is so sexy , she was dressed so provocative I could see her tits I could already feel my hard COCK getting bigger and bigger in my pants, so she putt her hand in my leg and told me do it for me I started to look on her lips they where so hot and nice, I felt I could eat them I was turning on from her look, legs, tits and lips from every thing she had.

Read Candid SUPER LOVE! - The idolmaster Babe SUPER LOVE!

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Shadow naoto
His vibe was cool but the sex itself was pretty weak
Tsugumi aozora
So sexy